40 minutes is 40 minutes.

I had no idea that after my hip surgery I'd be able to do anything. Now, for some, they would be unhappy with how much fitness is lost with months of rehab. Not I. I am so impressed with how my recovery is going that I cannot complain. I am so happy to be on my way to healing that I am taking each and every little milestone as something to be happy about. To cherish.  No, a 40 minute ride is not a 200KM Brevet but it is a start. 40 minutes is 40 minutes.

I can now go to the flat part of a dirt road and ride my mt bike with my family. Something that I value more than most people will ever know. I can see the mountains that I used to ride in. I can feel the mountain air on my face. I can value the little that I have and know it is really a lot that I have.

Life is all what we make of it.

Now, don't get me wrong. I have my moments. Moments when I cry or feel sorry to think I am missing out. But I'm not missing out. I am recovering. I am doing a new job. I am healing. So, for now 40 minutes is 40 minutes and I will take that as if it is 40 hours of riding.

It's all in how you turn the situation around. It takes work but I want to look forward. I don't want to be a bitter person that cannot turn life around. That's what riding and racing taught me. That and living my life.
So even if you are injured-turn it around. Heal and get better...but turn it around and take the little you may think you have and make it a lot.