Baby steps. It's all in how ya look at it.

OK it is only an hour and it is on a flat dirt road. But... it is something and I am so happy that I can do this. As of today, I can now go up a slight incline. It wasn't easy. Actually very hard. I spun at about 70 RPMs and had to stop once about half way to rest and eat something b/c my legs were shaky.  Steve was very patient with me and rode my easy recovery (literally) pace. It was awesome and I thought I would not be able to do this ride until next year.  8 miles took 50 minutes. Never thought that would be the case. Oh I am so happy I could do a little jog-if that was in the rehab protocol. Haha.

Alas, it seems, just as I get back on track I have, yet another, surgery planned. But, I knew it was coming. I knew this year would be hard.

I can get through this and I know I can. Lots of counseling and lots of physical therapy but I'm getting there.  Long road ahead.  I can do more than I thought I would be able to. This makes me happier than ever.  Thanks for everyone's support.

and, no. This is not the road I was on-the one in this photo. That's too steep and too rocky. Next year.