More on 1200KM Brevets, PBP and Union des Audax Francais's PBP Audax

This is to inform you that there is another 1200KM event held in France. This event is called the "Union des Audax Francais's PBP Audax".

PBP Audax + PBP Randonneur
The Audax Club Parisien's 1200 km PBP Randonneur is the pinnacle of brevet riding for most of us. The 5300 starters in 2007 became part of PBP history stretching back to the race's beginning in 1891 and the first PBP brevet in 1931.

Unknown to many riders is the Union des Audax Francais's PBP Audax, also held for the first time in 1931. Some more history can be found at but the original form of Audax riding (since 1904 in France) involves groups riding together for the full distance to a set schedule. The now-common randonneur style (free pace between specified maximum and minimum speeds) was only developed in 1921, following a disagreement between the ACP and Henri Desgrange. The original group brevet style is still fairly popular in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and more recently in Sweden and Australia. The USA also held a few UAF brevets about 10 years ago.

Early on, both PBPs took place in the same years. In 1971, eight Frenchmen rode both PBPs in just over a week and the PBP Randonneur interval was subsequently shifted to every four years. PBP Audax is still run every five years and it is only every two decades that both PBPs are held in the same year. The prospect of riding two PBPs in 2011 is an intriguing prospect to some cyclists.

The UAF traditionally limits the number of riders in each peloton to avoid over-stretching facilities, often running each peloton at different dates. Next year, the UAF are currently looking at running one peloton simultaneous with PBP Randonneur (the last week of August) and another in July. Several riders in Australia and the UK are interested in riding both PBP Randonneur and PBP Audax but would prefer to ride PBP Audax in early August, to allow riding both PBPs during the one trip without taking excessive leave.

UAF Cycling President Bruno Danielzik is happy to organise another Audax start but this requires about 50 riders to justify another start date. He has asked me to collect expressions of interest from randonneurs possibly taking part in PBP Audax next year regarding which date they would prefer.

If you are interested in riding PBP Audax next year, please email with your preferences for riding the 2011 PBP Audax during:
A the first week of August
B the second week of August
C a date in July
D simultaneous with PBP Randonneur

A reply as simple as "B, A, C, D" is fine, as is "A".

Food for thought. Hhhhmmm.