...and life does go on.

 Before the fire.
So. What do we do now? 

We learn to love what looks different. To love back what we got (something) from,  for so many many years. 

Last week I met a Tibetan healer. His name is Shree. He is amazing. We had a very long conversation about life. About rebirth and loss. Yes, rebirth. We birth and we die. So does nature. Doesn't matter who or what was the cause of the disaster. Yup, we birth and we die. But we also re-birth and that's what this wonderful world does for us. My, our, woods will rebirth. We will rebuild. We will learn to love the new world before us.
So into the woods I go. To help heal. The earth? I think to heal me, too. I bring water and bits of green from the unburned areas. To feed the ants. The ants are first. Then the insects. Then the little animals. Then the medium animals. Then the bigger animals. Soon we will all have a new place to love. But we have to love it first. To help it heal. To help the rebirth. Yup, that's what I'm going to do.

Today I saw ants. More of them than yesterday. I also saw a Chipmunk. I'm sure he's wondering what the heck happened to all of his food, his grass, and his tree. 

Soon we'll all bring life back into the woods. We'll see it for the change it is. We'll see new beauty. We'll see the beginning of life. 

Yup, we birth and we die.