Lost that window of...

 OK- the dogs got their walk but looks like it's another trainer ride for me, today. Just started snowing.

I've been riding my trainer 4-5 times a week for the last couple of weeks.  I've figured out how to pull the small TV from the bedroom into the doorway and watch various shows in the office (also my workout room). Certain training days just keep the watts at 155-160 and keeping the HR moderately low. Other days keeping it a very easy pedal day with the watts around 125 or so. Need to bump up the time to 2 hours/day for at least 3 of the days.

I'm also trying to keep my avg cadence at 84 and above. I'm kind of a masher, so that's not always the easiest thing to do when my legs are tired. Remember-I have a lot of the last 8 months off of the bike from all of my surgeries and the cancer.  It's a slow come-back.

I'm also starting to be consistent in the gym with my rehab and strengthening exercises. That's not going as well but is as important because it will help build back my foundation. Ahhhhh... so much to do, so little time to cram it in.

The first 200 KM will be here before I know it and I want to be ready. First the 200, then the 300 and before I know it I'll have the SR done and send in the paperwork for PBP. But first, I gotta get on that trainer!