Well well well....Happy New year!

It has been a very long time since I have been here. So very sorry but I have been busy challenging myself and getting better. It has been a very long road after being hit.

2011 should be a year for many to inspire for being kinder, better, and more challenged. I am still aiming for PBP and think it is a very good possibility, but will take a lot to get there. It will take more training and strengthening than I have had to do -well, ever. Yes, a challenge.

I want to inspire you to work really hard at your goals. Not only your 2011 goals but your life long goals.

We can do this challenge together. We WILL do this together.

It takes a community of people-good people, to go through life. Find your support groups, your friends, your challenge buddies.

Be well. Let's get started!