Dedication and determination = survival.

We can survive amazing things. This is what sports/fitness can do for us. It teaches us amazing things.

We train and recover in order for our bodies to adapt. We teach our bodies how to do amazingly hard races and events. We survive because we train ourselves to survive.

It takes dedication of mind and body. Dedication and determination. All things we learn while training for our athletic goals we use throughout all of our daily lives.

It"s easy to want to quit when the going gets tough but we don't. We continue on. We continue on because we train ourselves to do just this. To NOT quit.

In 25 months I survived:

-A truck - bicycle accident
-5 related surgeries (more will eventually come)
-PTSD so severe I was only sleeping an hour a night and lost life’s most precious thing; my perception of who I am, who I had always been, and who I had built my life around being
-Cancer, cancer surgery and the cancer treatment
-A neighborhood mountain fire so disastrous it is called the most expensive disaster in Colorado history.
-An amazing physical and mental comeback in less than a year
- A broken hip while training on my bicycle commuting to work
- and
a flash-flood, through my community, with the velocity and depth not seen since the late 1800s.

I survived! I survived because of what I learned in a lifetime of sport and dedication to athletics and fitness.