Change. Time for change and more contemplative thought.

No clue why this photo. It's kind of meditative in it's own beauty.

Been spending loads of time just thinking . Thinking a lot. Thinking about who I am, who I want to be and where I want to go.

My right wrist hurts enough, all of the time, that I wonder what I will be able to do with it in the future. Not complaining because I know I will make what ever I want to do, work. I have a good brain. I can use it. Use it to find new ways to do things. But is a big change in the futire?

I love working with people. My clients. I have moved my life froward to work with people and teach them how to be more healthy. To be fit. I strongly believe fitness is how we can overcome adversity. Challenges. They are going to happen. Sometimes all in a clump-like what has happened to me the last 25 months. If I wasn't fit and had not used sports/fitness to challenge me throughout my life-well, I do not think I'd be able to be so positive with so much that has happened. Both mentally and physically. Challenges. Gets us to motivate.

Don't get me wrong. It hasn't been all positive and easy. I have days where I think I just don't want to move forward. Too much has happened. So many injuries so many hard times. These thoughts don't last long because I feel that if they do last long they get you stuck in a bad place. A place where I don't want to stay. It's not a productive place and can lead to really negative feelings. I do feel these sad and depressed feeling thoughts need to be felt-if not they'll get you some time down the road. So I learn from them. Use them to do a lot of thinking. A lot of meditating. A lot of searching.

I heard about a yoga instructor at a local gym. He's in a wheelchair. I have to look this guy up. Talk about positive energy. Very cool.

Positive thought. Listen to the negative, think about it and let it go. I think letting go of negative thought is like letting go of negative energy. Also, letting go of the people that may be holding us back. 

Yup, that's change and change is progress. Even if it's scary.