Miles miles and then some

I've been trying to ride as much as possible. I'm riding about 175-200 miles a week. Now that the weather is nice, I'm off the trainer and on the roads. The coldest ride I've done was 24 degrees, but not too bad because it was sunny. It all depends on how much work I have but I've been able to do a lot of 50 mile rides. The highest ride at 65 miles. It's really nice now to have longer days and warmer sun.

I've been riding to get ready for the Women's Pac Tour Arizona riding Camp. That's the second week of April and should be loads of fun.

Work is starting to calm down as I have two clients out of the country for a month. That, of course, frees up time to hike the Girls and ride with Steve.

Only other plans after camp is a Fleche. In a flèche, club members form a team (of 3-5 riders), design a route of at least 360km (224 miles), and complete it in 24 hours -- riding the final 25km (15 miles) within the final 2 hours of the 24. Un peu d'histoire - "Flèche" is the French word for "arrow" -- this ride format is based upon the French Flèche Vélocio, where teams plot out point-to-point courses which converge, like arrows, upon a common bullseye. The epitome is the Concentration Pascale de Provence (Easter Rallye of Provence) where teams converge upon the Riviera (Côte d'Azur) city of Nice on the morning of Easter Sunday.

As US participants in a "winter" stae, we are allowed to do out Fleche in May. This should be a blast.

No other plans yet.