Ride when ya can.

Things are awesome!
Finally with the house stuff behind us we can actually spend time working out. Yahoo! Even the Girls are happy. And, when the weather has not been snowy I've been riding and commuting to work.

I switched form my KHS racing road bike to my 12 year old Ventana mt hard tail. Still need s alittle work but it's a great commuter bike and keeps the KHS safe from the snow and mud.

Last weekend we were able to ride with the big E. Had a blast.

Got some more lights form Cateye-thanks Ellen. I love lighting up the streets. No excuses to hit me now.

I love Apple. I just got a new Powerbook Pro and had Apple transfer my stuff. They were able to do that in 5 hours. They rock! More on the new laptop later.
got a go back to the gym.

Remember-ride when you can. Tomorrow is iffy and may not come. Today is when to do "IT".