1362 M and some great riding commutes

Had a great commute home today. Decided to climb home up another canyon road, then take a dirt road to my canyon, and then back up to my house. Awesome weather! Awesome views.

Nice little climb up to the dirt road but there was less traffic than the road/canyon I usually take home. More mountain views, too.

Yesterday we rode with some friends from Edwards. Man was it ever windy. 50 mph winds. Yikes! And the day before that I had two of my best rides commuting. Record times for commuting on 26 inch wheels.

Will commute one more day this week. Yeah 4 commuter days and getting close to 1400 miles. Should have that by the end of the weekend.

Saturday we will hopefully get rain or some snow. It's getting so very dry and I'm getting nervous about fires.

Sunday will be seasonable temps and be about 55 degrees. That should be good for a moderate to long ride.