1387M: Nina and another awesome bike commute.

Well, it was about 10 degrees cooler today but so worth the ride to and from work. That makes it 1387 for the year. Now it really needs to rain or snow or both. Not that I don't like riding every day to work, but.... I'm more afraid of the hills burning down.

Today's commute was the usually. Windy, but not as bad as earlier in the week. It was, however, cold this AM riding down and I was not dressed for it. I kind of froze most of the way.

Good news is, I can now get to work in 30 minutes almost any time-mountain or road bike.

For today's ride home, Steve met me and we went back up Sunshine. It felt like my legs were crying. I time trial a lot to work and the ride home can be painful if my legs are not recovered. Today they felt the week of commuting. Every time I tried to stand to go faster, they cried. Couldn't change it so I just slowed down.

Steve would ride ahead and take a photo or two. (I'll add them tomorrow).

On the home front, the news is in on Nina. She is very close to leaving this world. She has cancer and it's progressed. We will keep her comfy, give her a chemo pill and some prednizone. That will give her (really us) a few more months and actually make it more comfortable for her.

She is an awesome kitty and would have not done very well if we had not taken her in about 10 years ago. She was only four pounds when we got her and has stayed around 8 pounds the years she has been with us.

Here's to Nina and all of her cuteness. May we keep dignity in her life for as long as she has left.