1488 M: What a wonderful ride yesterday. Another century.

So another century down and more to come.
We headed out in a group of 6. One wanted to climb and practice for her upcoming triathlon. Another two from Denver, never rode with us in the past, but looking forward to riding with us. Then our faithful Joanne, she was interested in a 50 mile. Steve and I, not sure but planned to get in at least 80 miles and then get home in time to get Nina her first Chemo pill.
SO off we all went. Low and behold, as with many rides and riders, we were all going at different paces. What's the best thing to do them. Make sure no one rides alone and everyone does the ride they wanted to do. We all split up. It all worked out to be the best.

Ocne heading into the Fruit Loops we ran into John Lee E. HE was doing a whopping 150 miles. Yikes. We talked him into changing his route and come along with us. HE did. So, Steve and I figured it was a perfect way to get in a 100. You know, help John out and all.... If you know John, he is extremely accomplished and did NOT need our help.

We headed out towards Ft. Collins, north around Masonville and then into the wind back south into Boulder.

We had great stops at Sandy's, and several other mini marckets around Boulder County. Yummy stops for extra food. Can only bring along so many CLif Bars and Bloks.