2927YTD Day Three, 330 miles. Vacation Miles!

Beautiful views heading west.

Best views there are......

This is our vacation week. Decided to stay home so we can hike the dogs when we get up and then ride like crazy fools the rest of the days.

I started my week with a century with John Lee on Sunday. Steve worked and I hiked the Girls early and then went out to do a "flat" century with John. Ended up a great ride and many roads I've never seen or been on before.

Monday Steve and I both worked and it was a long day, as our power and internet had been out most of the weekend. We got internet service back on Tuesday. Monday was a very long day, finally getting to bed around midnight.

Day two of the vacation, we got up (Tuesday) in the morning and hiked the Girls on the trails. Many ,many trees are down, all over the place. Someone will have to come back with the chainsaw. The Girls had a blast and we felt less guilty leaving them alone for so many of the days, this week.

Next stop, Louisville.
We headed over to pick up our Brevet cards and maps. Finally got going on the Kersey Kick 200K at about 10:00. Well, almost. Steve forgot his bottles and had to turn back for them. Kind of got a late start.

We headed north over to HWY 52 and then zigzagged our way over to Miliken and then onto Kersey. Good Burrito and sandwiches at the Conoco station in Kersey. Then back south for a while and, again, zigzagged west, and south past Erie and back towards Lousiville. Lots of fields, farms, and pastures to look at. Rolling hills, too.

Not a bad day at all and a good mph pace for a 125 mile ride. Wind was mostly in our favor, too. Another great thing was that John Lee came to meet us along the way and ride back with us.

Had to run a bunch of errands after the ride and finally got home at about 9 PM! Too late to watch a movie but fed the Girls and we made and ate salads with some rice and crab meat.

Day three of the vacation we decided to stay around Boulder County so we got up late, knowing we were going to do a flat century and try to get back early afternoon. Not! After hiking the Girls again, seeing more trees on the ground, we headed out on the bikes.

The wind was not too bad for the first 25 miles or so, then it was pay back for not having bad winds yesterday.

The wind kicked up and at times it was everything we could do to go 12 mph! Not making us very happy. It was quite the struggle and we had to make a few extra stops for more fluids and food. Stopped twice in Lyons before heading out on something we call the Huge Box Loop. The we headed back into Lyons, to pick up a few extra miles and oh was the wind crazy hard to push into.

This is how you look in the crazy wind.

There was this big huge black cloud that seemed to be making it's own wind-alwasy into our face.

Finally, getting home later afternoon, we finished with about 101 miles. It makes 330 for me and 229, for Steve. Also, did a 5000 feet of elevation gain-so, I guess, not so flat.

Tomorrow we'll be up at 6:00 and out the door early. We want to do another 200K Brevet but it starts about an hour drive from our house. Some of the roads we've been on before and some, not.

The Girls will have to take a day off, as I am sure there will not be enough morning time to walk or hike them in the morning.