3052YTD Another 200K Brevet. Stove Prairie.

Mmmmmmmmm, snow balls.

Started out earlier than the previous days. Doing the Stove Prairie 200K Brevet. We were looking forward to the views in the mountains.

We started with the farm lands of Larimer County. Flat and rolling terrain.

Good views fo the mountains.

We headed for Carter lake and then over to the RV park just off of HWY 34. Then onto Masonville.

After Masonville we headed for Horsetooth Resevoir. We had been there once before to do an overnight bike tour.

The climbs are steep enough around the res. that I was glad to have compact gears. Saved my butt.

After leaving Horsetooth, we headed for the Poudre Canyon towards the back side of Stove Prairie.

Stove Prairie got about 3 1/2 feet of snow. Much of it had already melted but there was still a fair amount. Made the climb more interesting.

At the top, we stopped for a nice snowball snack.
The front or east side of the climb is like cycling along a small country road. Very forested and has small horse farms along the way.

After the descent, we headed back towards Masonville and around the backside onto Sandy's. There I got a 20 oz coke and downed it in about 5 minutes. That hasn't happened in a while.

After Sandy's we headed out east on many roads that had us backtracking along the way we started.