SR Series, qualifying list, and more.

Ok. I still suck at posting on a regular basis.  The season has started and I'm quite a bit behind last year. Just cannot get in enough riding, as I'm still dealing with all of the accident stuff from a year ago. Just a fact of life, right now.

With that said, I'm still trying to keep a little bit of riding going. Only have about one more month and then hip and wrist surgery. Still want to qualify for PBP next year.  The hope is that all of this will be done by the time I have to get the SR series done next year and then get in enough training to do well at PBP.  It's more important this year, as so many riders are planning on doing the 1,000K this year to get on the list early. I can only hope that a 600K will be enough since I have so little time to get in the full SR series, let alone the 1,000K.

I'm still coaching several riders that are doing ultra distance races and events. Some of these riders are heading to PBP next year and it would be a blast to be there with them.

Switching gears... topics... it is finally looking like spring around here. I looked at some photos of May 12th, last year and the leaves were already out on the bushes and trees in our yard. Not this year. Budding leaves are just coming out, now. Crazy cold and snowy spring, we've had. I think everyone around here, not just the riders, are ready for warmer days.

I'll try to post more often and have some more tips on riding and staying in shape.

2011 Paris-Brest-Paris/ Audax Club Parisien

RMCC in Colorado riders getting ready for an early Spring ride.

OK Everyone. Time to get serious about the 2011 Paris-Brest-Paris.

If you're interested in riding in the 2011 Paris-Brest-Paris, there's a little more to know and be ready for this year. There's a preregistration rule that's new to 2010. This is in addition to finishing your qualifying ACP SR series next year. The preregistration rides allow for you to be placed on a "list" of some sorts-or a place in line, until you have finished your 2011 qualifiers.
You WANT to be on that list if you want to go to Paris. At least this is my opinion.

There are several places you can go to to see what this event is all about.

First I'd start with the RUSA web site. This site will lead you through all of the rules and regulations to the ACP Brevets leading you up to PBP. Start with this excerpt from the RUSA site:

"January 1, 2010
At RUSA we're looking forward to another fine year of long-distance cycling. Many of our members are already getting excited about the next Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) in August of 2011. Brevets ridden in 2010 will have a potential impact on PBP registration. Here's what we know so far:

In the past, the ACP has required RUSA membership at the time the first qualifying event is ridden, so we're encouraging everyone to renew as soon as possible since some of your 2010 events may be used as preregistration enhancements for PBP.

We think that preregistration reserves your place "in line" among the registrants, which you can claim if/when you qualify in 2011 - hence no penalty to folks in northern/wintry climes. We'll let everyone know how this will work as soon as the details are finalized by the ACP.

The ACP may impose country quotas, but the details of how their plans will be implemented have not been finalized. Our country quota will probably improve based on the ACP-sanctioned brevets that our members ride in 2010.

The ACP says highest preregistration preference will be given to members completing a 1000k in 2010; those completing shorter brevets, will have incrementally less priority based on longest event ridden (600k, 400k, 300k).

RUSA is recommending that members wishing to participate in PBP 2011 should try to ride a Super Randonneur (SR) series in 2010. This will help our country quota and give you some individual registration priority. Of course, as always, final qualification will also depend upon successful completion of a full SR series in 2011."

You can also go to the Paris-Brest-Paris web site and read a little more at

You can also go to your own Randonneuring club. Our club in Colorado is called Rocky Mountain Cycling Club (RMCC).

Here's what our local Regional Brevet Adviser (RBA), John Lee Ellis, had to say about the 2010 rules and sums it all up, quite nicely.

"USA has posted the new Paris-Brest-Paris brochure from the Audax Club Parisien. The brochure has quite a lot of info about pre-registration, qualifying, registration, inspection, start times, and many other details. Some salient ones:
Event is August 21-25.
Starts are:
5pm (80h)
6:30pm (90h)
5am (84h)
This is earlier than in years past for the 80h and 90h riders.
Pre-registration in 2011 is available starting as follows, depending on your longest ACP brevet in 2010:

1000km* - April 3
600km - April 17
400km - May 1
300km - May 15
200km - May 29
*A Randonneurs Mondiaux 1200km+ event such as the Last Chance may be substituted for a 1000k brevet. This is a change of policy from what the ACP earlier stated.

General registration starts June 4. Pre-registrants keep their place in line, as we understand it, so long as they satisfy their qualification requirements by late June.

This is a very well-done and content-rich brochure, so please have a look if you may be interested in PBP'11".

If you're thoroughly confused by now, check out the glossary on the RUSA site; "Randonneuring Terminology" compiled by Bill Bryant and pronunciation guide by Johnny Bertrand.

Bill writes " Like all other sports, "randonneuring" has a vocabulary of special terms and phrases not readily found in a dictionary. Many of the terms are French words or adaptations of them, owing to the origins of "randonneuring" there over 100 years ago. Today, these terms are commonly used by randonneurs around the world."

I like to think of the rules for this year as a "Gentleman's lottery". I think it's wonderful to ask riders to invest in their local club, their rides, and the rides offered all around the United States.

What does this all mean? It means you should have your calendar out and write in all of the ACP rides you think you can do. Start with the earliest 200km (ACP) ride you can do. Then add in a whole SR series, if possible. That's a 200km, a 300km, a 400km, and a 600km. If you want the mack daddy of events on there, add in a 1,000km or a 1200km event.

Too, that you should have had several long-ish rides (75-100 miles) already done by a week out from your first 200km ride. You know, have your base miles in by now and be ready to start gearing up your volume for the ride season.

Good luck and I'll post more information, tips, and advice as the season unfolds.

I'm back! Happy 2010!

I know it has been forever. And forever is a long time. So many new things. Most importantly, a new year. So, happy 2010.

Still hiking the Girls. On one of our New Year's weekend hikes, Lucie was quite attentive. This means only a few things. Deer, fox, or lion. We don't know which but these are some great photos of Rhodesian Ridgebacks doing what they do best; keep it in sight and don't take your eyes off it.

Don't give up. Keep it in sight.

Stay still.

I could not see anything. Lucie refused to leave this spot for some time.

I do know, however, if a cat does not want you (me) to see it, I won't. Steve and I know this from experience. Kind of a "now you see it, now you don't. Hmmmmm.

Smog Smog Go Away.

I know. Can be much worse. I could live in Cali where the fires are really bad. But I don't, I live here on the Front Range.

Was going to ride with Steve today on the mountain bikes. Worked in the gym this AM, did the dog beds at the Laundromat in town, and then was on my way home to ride. But... Steve put the kibosh on the ride. He said the smog/haze from the California fires was just too bad. Would not be good for my Asthma. He's right. Plans changed and now I'm trying to get computer and house work done before I go back to town for PT and then the afternoon shift at work.

Good news is, my back has been doing much better this week. Neck is a little tweaked but the low back and hips seem to be holding this week and that's a great thing and gives hope that I am getting better.

Unfortunately, my wrist is much worse. I started doing more things with my clients, in the gym, and it has tweaked my sprained wrist. Also, using the stick shift in my car, carrying the laundry and the grocery bags makes it tweak out. I may get a small brace to help keep it straight.

I have started lifting in the gym. All very light. Need to build up the ligaments and tendons first, then can start on the muscles. It has been a long summer-and yes, I know it could be a lot worse..

Meet The Locals of Paint Gun Park.

The title is going to be very obvious when I can post a photo...

Did two mountain bike rides today. It was a little hard but it felt so great to ride the mountain bike. I realize that I need to get on the mountain bike more, now that I'm healing better. I miss it and it is such good core work and glut strengthening. Oh and I really love the views.

I'm still having trouble getting photos to upload on this blog but will get it worked out soon.

So the two rides were the same only the ride Saturday was in a clockwise direction and yesterday, S and I rode from our house up to Gold Hill, up the dirt road to Peak 2 Peak and then south to the Glacier Lake turn off and rode the Switzerland Trail backwards. It's a great way to get in some good climbing. I think I'll start to climb more for the rest of the summer.

Firday we both have the day off and will do the Glenhaven Gallevant. SHold be a nice day for it and we should be able to leave early enough to avoid Labor Day Traffic.

Well, I'll try to get more pics up soon.

More Hikes Than Rides.

We do live in an amazing place. I never tire of looking at the mountains or living in them.

I have been hiking more consistently then I have been riding. Seems the riding makes me more tired and the Girls still need a hike/walk every day, so that's what comes first. If they're happy, I'm happy.

Not to say I haven't done a crap load of miles (even with the truck accident), but it is not the normal ride every day that I'm used to. And I've only bike commuted once since the accident. I still get very tired and it just seems like a long way home when I'm really tired.

The pile of insurance papers and EOBs just keep getting higher and higher on my desk. Once I found out the hospital sends bills to the car insurance AND my health insurance-meaning getting paid by both, I lost all of my steam to stay on top of it. I mean, really! They get a check from both places and will only return one of the payments when asked for it. The system in our country really sucks. So there the pile grows. On my desk. Maybe I'll go through it this weekend.

I have been able to get in a few centuries each month and am keeping up with the 200K each month. Shooting for the R-12 Award. Have to do and finish a 200K Permanent each month through March of 010. It's doable.

My back seems to be a little better. The neck is still pretty locked up. Each day I wake up and it feels like I slept on it wrong and it is hard to turn it from side to side. Good news is, when the neck is locked up, the lower back is better. Then visa-versa. Not that is really is a good thing. A good thing would be to not have had this happen. Oh well.... life does go on.

With less riding, that means more time to socialize. My twinnie sis does so much of this and I am usually envious. But, man, does it take a lot of energy. I love all of my friends and wish I had time for more social events but I do all I can do and that makes me tired. I hope everyone understands.

I'm very close to getting the IPhone. Just don't know if I'll use all of the cool functions and features. Also, those "data" plans, voice plans, and texting seem, well, expensive. Have to do something, though. I'm starting to blow through my minutes and that gets very expensive.

I started ligting in the gym. Very light but it's something. Today I did bi, shoulders, upper back (trap) and some rows. I'm trying to build up a little muscle in hopes that ti will make my back and neck feel better. Nothing hard, just something to start the base phase. We'll see how it progresses.

The weekend looks good for one long ride, some insurance stuff, and a few hikes with the Girls. I'll also post more photos. Tried to do more tonight but they won't upload from the desk top. Have to find out why.

I"mmmmmmm Baaaaack.

OK. I'm back. Sorry it's been a long while. Just did not feel like writing about how my back is not better and neck is out of whack, etc..blah blah blah... You've heard it all. And quite honestly, everyone has a pain or two or three, and who wants to keep hearing about mine?

I have been riding this summer, in spite of the truck accident. It has not been easy. I know people think I'm OK because I have been riding, but I have had to cut the rides back from every day, commuting and super long distances, to short and moderate distance and about 3 x per week. I've only commuted once since getting hit.

The gym workouts are pretty much nil. As a coach and trainer, I know that it's important to get the muscles built back up for a good strong skeletal foundation. It's everything I can do, just to do the rehab and PT exercises. The other stuff gets my back and hip into a mess and then I have to start over. The other stuff just throws my back and hips into spasms. Not good. Moderation is the key here. So not me!

I'm not complaining ( I know I sound like it) as I know I could easily have had a crushed leg or broken pelvis. Those injuries would have me out of work, into a no training pattern and, well, in a very depressed state of mind.

What I can do is continue to get better and move forward. I just can't sit on the couch and feel sorry for myself. That does no one any good. I can be sore on the couch or sore off the couch- a no brainer.

Now for the fun news

The plans to visit my birth place and family, in Australia, are set. Leaving late October. We have the plane tickets, the itinerary and the dog sitter/friends all set up. It will be incredible for Steve to meet more of my family and for him to see where I "came from". Fun fun fun.

Due to the truck accident, length and cost of the Fall trip, we have stayed close to home all year. Doing a lot of road riding (cannot mt bike very much or long, due to the accident) and some very short and easy mt bike rides.

The hikes with the Girls have progressed to about 45 minutes. The Girls don't mind the distance or the amount of time, as long as they get in a hike with the "parents" at least once a day.

Steve and I were able to manage getting out riding the 200, 300, 400 and 600K this summer. See This was a feat that we thought would not be accomplished because of the accident. I'd have to say they were awesome events. We are looking forward to doing more of these rides. We were planning to do the Last Chance 1200K but had to cancel and get our refund. Just can't do that much this year. Next year it will be on out list.

The rest of out time the last few months have been visiting with friends, entertaining visiting family, and odd jobs around the house. (I broke our dryer-woops).

Next week my gym is closed for three days and I think I'll do some easy long rides and hikes with the Girls.

Thanks for checking in and again, I am sorry I have been so bad at making entries.

?MTD and Getting Better.

OK, it's been about a month since I wrote here and also a month since the car accident. Good news, I am riding again. Not perfect and not always very comfortable.

This is why I love living here! A little fog on the ground makes for a great photo.

Still able to get the Girls out for some walks and hikes. Can't run with them (yet) but they are so happy to get out and run after each other in the woods.

The rides are not as fast as I would like, but it really is so important to be able to ride

On another sad note, we had to put one of our kitties to sleep this week. She had cancer and we knew it was up to us to keep her dignity and make sure her pain or suffering would not be prolonged.

The rest of the summer will be spent training, working, a few more family visits, and getting better from the accident. Need to get back to lifting in the gym, as that's what helps build the foundation to good riding. Soon......

Good views on the plains near Boulder.

4071 YTD and Then The Big Fat Car Accident!

OK. Haven't been here for a while. Did the great ride on the Ward 150 and then a few shorter rides and then I got hit by a car.

Broken ribs, lots of bruises, lots of cuts, and many many stiff body parts. Oh yes.... and my identity, my bike, well, it's toast. Burnt toast that is. A throw a way.

I wondered when my time would come.I think everyone I know has been there. Just never thought it may happen. And let me tell you, it does hurt.

So now Steve is trying to rebuild one of his bikes (we actually ride the same size bikes) and get me going again until it/the accident is all settled. Have to change several things. The pedals, the stem, the bars, and the seat. I think almost everything else can be the same.

I am very very sore. I have had a lot of x-rays and seen lots of docs. This really is no fun-not that anyone would think so.

I am trying so hard to heal and maintain my life as normal as I can. I am very resilient. I am of hardy stock.

I got on a bike today for the first time in 7 days-since the accident. Oh man, not an easy thing. It was on a very upright, hard tail mountain bike. I was able to go 45 minutes before getting sore. I mean, we're talking 13-14 mph, not the usual 17-19 that I'm used to.

My own training plan had me doing 150-200 last weekend and another 100 on Wednesday to get another stacked week in before the Brevet season headed into full swing-into the big miles. Didn't do it. Got one mile and of course today's recovery ride and assessment ride. uuhhhggg!

I rode by the accident sight and found myself wondering about it. Don't want to think too hard right now.

Well, I'll keep posting as I gain progress. Have to get back on the horse when things feel better. It's what I do. I am a coach. I am a rider, I am an athlete. It IS how I make my living.

3975M Hard Ward 150 Minus 50.

Last week was one recovery ride and about 30 hours of yard work and house work.

Relatives are coming to town and the yard needed Spring cleaning and planting. Lots and lots of time in that area this week.

Was pretty easy to recover from the Fleche and then just did a couple of really easy short spins.

Last Saturday Steve and I rode in the Ward 150. That's three loops of Ward to Lyons and back up to Ward. It's about 5500 feet of climbing per lap. We only had time for 2 laps. I don't know how Steve went to work after wards. I was so brain dead that I actually forgot my front wheel and we had to drive back for it.

The rides was very cold and some rain in the first 50. Due to that we were not on top of out liquid replacement and by the second warm lap we both had leg cramps. That's the first time, ever, for me.

Came home from that, worked a bit in the yard and then hiked the Girls for an our. Got back just in time to go to the launch of Vanessa Kemp's, and Bill's, Inyangi Launch Party. organic and homeopathic skin products. It is really great stuff. They will do well.

After the party I came home and actually fell asleep on the couch.

Up the next morning, Sunday, to water the yard and then headed out to ride. The ride was great as it was a touch faster than I may have done after the century on Sat. My legs cried a lot. Too bad. It's good to stack the training from time to time.

After the ride I headed to the laundrymat to wash 10 dog beds. (yes the Girls are spoiled). Took 2 hours so I ran errands and went to Home Depot for more mulch-for the yard.

Got home, worked in the yard and cleaned the house until midnight. I was so tired but happy to get it all done.

Today, off from work and finished up the yard, watered and walked the Girls.

Now ready to go to the airport.

3804M. Great 24 Hour Fleche.

Great Fleche and more photos later. Only 1/2 of the 24 hours was rainy. Loads of fun.

The Fleche was just yesterday and it feels like a life time ago. That's why I love riding so much. Time seems to stop, or at least go really really slowly.

So, I packed on Thursday night. Packed because we had to ride a full 24 hours to be official Fleche finishers. 5 riders start and three must finish. Not so bad as all of were really strong riders and evenly matched.

We started out of Louisville at 8 Am on Saturday. Nice start and not what the forecast had predicted. It didn't rain until about 7:30 PM.

It was about 47-50 degrees and a medium wind from the north east. We headed out of town towards the north. Heading for Masonville.

Still quite a bit of snow on the mountains-where we're heading.

Once to the north of Masonville, we headed up the canyon to Stove Prairie.

It's a nice gradual to steep climb up a small canyon past new houses and small horse ranches and then gets into cabins and small farms from the late 1800s.

It was great. We all had about the same climbing pace, even Greg, who lives in Iowa. Go Greg.

About half way up the climb you get away form the prairies and get into some wooded areas. Then up high, back into the high grasslands. I can see why the homesteaders came here. Very peaceful.

At the top, we ate and took photos. Then down the other side to the Poudre Canyon and river.

We had a stiff headwind most of the way down. Had to take turns pulling into the wind. At the bottom, we headed to Verns, near La Porte.

From Verns, we headed back out to the eastern plains of Colorado. Went to towns like Wellington, Windsor, Kersey, and Johnson's Corner. Lots of places for us to get food. A key thing to these rides is food and a constant pace.

After leaving Kersey, we started to get sprinkles and then a little later, at about 8 PM we started to get rain. Not bad for the day.

We made it to our sleep point a bit before midnight. Time for a short break and then get up and head out for more food.

We have found a good tea for a wake up caffeine pick-me-up. It's by Zing. Really good, not too sweet and keeps us awake.

One of the last Control Points was in Lyons. You know you've been riding a lot when the employees at the Lyons Shamrock know how much you've been riding this year. They asked me how my vacation riding went.

It got colder as the morning continued on. Not bad, though as we had enough clothes and also only had to go until 8 AM.

After the end we took more photosof the team and headed over for a hot breakfast together.

Once again another great ride was finished and another one in the planning.

3577M and the Fleche is ON!

Packed and ready for the Fleche.

What: two pair of leg warmers (supposed to rain), one Gore arm warmers, shoes, short booties, regular booties, Rainlegs, reflective triangle, reflective vest (it is Graduations weekend), three rear lights, two front lights and a helmet light, all CatEye, Rudy Project helmet, rain shower cap, lightweight yellow )2 Jacket, Illuminite vest and wind jacket, lightweight but plastic rain jacket from France, two Buffs, short gloves, liners, over-mits wool, and over-mits rain proof, two pair of Rudy Project glasses, and two leg reflective bands, rear trunk on bike, small triangle bag for frame (really small), and tires changed to Conti 4000 with reflective side walls.

There will be some Cliff food brought along and drink mixes.

Will go with two pairs of shorts light weight and the KHS shorts on top. Smartwool undershirt and a jersey on top.

Leave at 8 AM and it is to be 50 all day and "drizzle".

Off to work now.

3552M. Great 300K on Sunday.

The start of our Black Forest 300K Brevet.

It was a great cool, but not cold start to the 300K on Sunday.
I had only seen some of the course when I used to do the Elephant Rock event. I'd forgotten how beautiful the area south of Denver was.

The start was a little drizzly but not bad. I dressed in Gore Windstopper leg warmers, a Smartwool top and my KHS jersey, arm warmers, two pairs of shorts, my awesome new O2 rain jacket, booties, and a rain shower cap. Kept those on the whole day.

We rode through the rolling hills of the western hills of Castle Rock and then over to Elbert County.

One of the hills we rode up near Roller Coaster Road was an 18% grade, at the very top. Crazy!

Finally the sky cleared for a while.

We saw cool things like old barns that time had left behind.

The Black Forest Store is somewhere you really want to stop into for a bite to eat or a quick soda. very friendly people there and we reallay want the store to do well.

We finished in 13 hours. I think we'll be a bit faster in the future, once we get the hang of the controls. 11 hours and 15 ride time.

This weekend we do the Fleche. 5 of us and it will be about 435-40 miles, in 24 hours. Not a lot of miles for the time but there are rules about when to start and stop, how long to stay at the controls, and things like that. Here's to another long ride weekend and good weather.

3366M And a Busy Weekend Ahead.

Last few days it's looked like it's going to rain. That's going to be the forecast for the weekend.

Spent the week sleeping a lot and hiking a lot. The 700 mile week of vacation took a lot out of me. Really! Did some light riding, testing out some new orthotics on the trainer and a great ride with Steve and J on Wed.

Got this great 5 oz rain jacket that truly is water proof and wind proof. It's by O2. Really awesome. Go check it out at They got it to me in 2 days and they sent great emails letting me know that I'd have it by the 300K Brevet this weekend. They really are a great company! I'll buy from them again.

Tomorrow I'm taking a class on supporting the spine, strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and more. It will take all day so I'll have to pack tonight after work.

It's supposed to rain, so 185 miles in those conditions should be interesting.

Well, off to hike the Girls and then off to work.

3306M. Last One In The Rain.

Always practice safe helmet use!

So the last 100 of the 700 mile week was raining. No worries. I had knee warmers, leg warmers, arm warmers, a SmartWool undershirt, heavy booties, my Rainlegs, and a Gore rain jacket. Oh yeah, and the shower cap. All set for anything to happen.

Headed out of the PErformance parking lot and headed north to Lyons. Did the Fruit Loops and then headed for the Huge Box. Went north after the Huge Box and went to Berthoud on 287. Not bad as doing loops kept me from going into the wind all of the time.

It was pretty soggy out but not really all that bad. ABout 46 degrees and not that pelting rain that hurts your cheeks. Made for good Orgonian views. Like when I was training for RAAM in Portland. Had to ride in all types of weather there.

Just no views of the mountains today.

Headed back into Lyons after coming back from Berthoud and did a quick turn-a-round and headed back out to the Huge Box, came into Hygeine and then back out to do the Big Box. That would give me enough miles to come back into Boulder and have just 100 miles.

It was a hard day and it seemed my computer was stuck on 14.8 mph. That was in the wind and when I wasn't directly in the wind it was about 16.8. Not very fast. My legs were really done so even trying to staand was pretty much a wash. I'd make it about 25 yards and have to sit back down. Not to worry as I had expected this after doing 600 already.

The one time it actually cleared up I could make out some sort of mountains in the horizon.

Sunday was a day with Steve as it was our 17 th wedding anniversary. 20 years together. We went to the Walnut Cafe and got to hang with Danna. Thanks Dana for BF!

The rest of the day was goofing off and hiking with the girls. It snowed overnight and it was fun to get them out,a s they were only hiked minimally throughout the vacation week.

Will only do very easy and short rides this week and then do the 300K Brevet on Sunday with John, Steve, and Catherine.

3206YTD and a 150 miler.

I live in and near mountains because they make me alive!

Starting out form Boulder on the farmland flats towards HYW 34.

We started out early today. early for us is 8 AM. It seemed a ot colder than the 47 degrees the car thermometer read.
I was in a pretty crabby mode today, day 5 of the vacation. Had to keep telling Steve to motivate me today. My legs were quite tired from the week. By today we had about 26,000 feet of climbing in our legs. And.... it never really got warm. Seemed I didn't dress very well. Maybe b/c yesterday was 80 degrees.

Headed over to my favorite canyon-The Big Thompson. I love it. Easy climbing, shoulder for two, and a river to watch the whole way up.

We were really lucky as we had a slight tail wind up half of the climb. ALwasy a good thing!

Once me made the turn from Drake, we did have wind in our face. Very typical of this part of the canyon, only getting a bit stronger once you get to Estes Park.

In Estes Park, Steve booted one of my tired. I had the start of a slash in the sidewall. Bummer as the tire is only about 800 miles old. I didn't want a blowout on the descent down to Lyons. We also ate some food at one of the gas stations ans fueled up for the rest of the way.

We then did both Fruit Loops and the Big Box Loop to make sure we'd get enough iles for a century.
A few times eating Clif Bloks along the way.

After the Box Loops we headed back towards Boulder. Once there, I realized that I didn't want to do a 144 mile ride on the last day of vacation, Saturday. So...I talked Steve into doing a shorter loop on Neva Rd and get in another 25 miles.

We finished that lop and I thought it would be cool to do another 25 mile loop and get in a 150 mile ride for this day.

Although I was wasted (tired) I called out friend Eugene and asked him to keep me motivated on one more loop. He was all for it. We wer lucky as we had pretty good winds , mostly in our favor.

We finished up the riding and it was fun to say I did a 150 (actual 151 mile loop).
Only one more day left and the weekend forecast is for rain.

3052YTD Another 200K Brevet. Stove Prairie.

Mmmmmmmmm, snow balls.

Started out earlier than the previous days. Doing the Stove Prairie 200K Brevet. We were looking forward to the views in the mountains.

We started with the farm lands of Larimer County. Flat and rolling terrain.

Good views fo the mountains.

We headed for Carter lake and then over to the RV park just off of HWY 34. Then onto Masonville.

After Masonville we headed for Horsetooth Resevoir. We had been there once before to do an overnight bike tour.

The climbs are steep enough around the res. that I was glad to have compact gears. Saved my butt.

After leaving Horsetooth, we headed for the Poudre Canyon towards the back side of Stove Prairie.

Stove Prairie got about 3 1/2 feet of snow. Much of it had already melted but there was still a fair amount. Made the climb more interesting.

At the top, we stopped for a nice snowball snack.
The front or east side of the climb is like cycling along a small country road. Very forested and has small horse farms along the way.

After the descent, we headed back towards Masonville and around the backside onto Sandy's. There I got a 20 oz coke and downed it in about 5 minutes. That hasn't happened in a while.

After Sandy's we headed out east on many roads that had us backtracking along the way we started.

2927YTD Day Three, 330 miles. Vacation Miles!

Beautiful views heading west.

Best views there are......

This is our vacation week. Decided to stay home so we can hike the dogs when we get up and then ride like crazy fools the rest of the days.

I started my week with a century with John Lee on Sunday. Steve worked and I hiked the Girls early and then went out to do a "flat" century with John. Ended up a great ride and many roads I've never seen or been on before.

Monday Steve and I both worked and it was a long day, as our power and internet had been out most of the weekend. We got internet service back on Tuesday. Monday was a very long day, finally getting to bed around midnight.

Day two of the vacation, we got up (Tuesday) in the morning and hiked the Girls on the trails. Many ,many trees are down, all over the place. Someone will have to come back with the chainsaw. The Girls had a blast and we felt less guilty leaving them alone for so many of the days, this week.

Next stop, Louisville.
We headed over to pick up our Brevet cards and maps. Finally got going on the Kersey Kick 200K at about 10:00. Well, almost. Steve forgot his bottles and had to turn back for them. Kind of got a late start.

We headed north over to HWY 52 and then zigzagged our way over to Miliken and then onto Kersey. Good Burrito and sandwiches at the Conoco station in Kersey. Then back south for a while and, again, zigzagged west, and south past Erie and back towards Lousiville. Lots of fields, farms, and pastures to look at. Rolling hills, too.

Not a bad day at all and a good mph pace for a 125 mile ride. Wind was mostly in our favor, too. Another great thing was that John Lee came to meet us along the way and ride back with us.

Had to run a bunch of errands after the ride and finally got home at about 9 PM! Too late to watch a movie but fed the Girls and we made and ate salads with some rice and crab meat.

Day three of the vacation we decided to stay around Boulder County so we got up late, knowing we were going to do a flat century and try to get back early afternoon. Not! After hiking the Girls again, seeing more trees on the ground, we headed out on the bikes.

The wind was not too bad for the first 25 miles or so, then it was pay back for not having bad winds yesterday.

The wind kicked up and at times it was everything we could do to go 12 mph! Not making us very happy. It was quite the struggle and we had to make a few extra stops for more fluids and food. Stopped twice in Lyons before heading out on something we call the Huge Box Loop. The we headed back into Lyons, to pick up a few extra miles and oh was the wind crazy hard to push into.

This is how you look in the crazy wind.

There was this big huge black cloud that seemed to be making it's own wind-alwasy into our face.

Finally, getting home later afternoon, we finished with about 101 miles. It makes 330 for me and 229, for Steve. Also, did a 5000 feet of elevation gain-so, I guess, not so flat.

Tomorrow we'll be up at 6:00 and out the door early. We want to do another 200K Brevet but it starts about an hour drive from our house. Some of the roads we've been on before and some, not.

The Girls will have to take a day off, as I am sure there will not be enough morning time to walk or hike them in the morning.

2699YTD. Snow Snow Snow and Shoveling.

Was on my drive home on Friday when the storm hit. And did it hit! By 6 PM, when Steve was driving home, it was so bad, he had to leave his car down the road and walk home. Will have to skip the 200K tomorrow but try to get in a 100 on Sunday.

And before the storm....

Well, still don't have internet, so I'm at a friend's house using her internet. Lost power for 36 hours and had intermittent phone service. That's living in the mountains. Oh well.

Last week, got in a 30 mile ride after work and spun out the legs. I knew it was supposed to snow a lot by the end of the week so I knew I have to ride early in the week, outdoors. And, of course, get the Girls out as much as possible.

Here was my ride to work on Thursday. By Friday, it was much worse. And Saturday, well, that was a huge shovel day. Driveway, yard, walkways, etc...

The yard as the snow was coming down. Got a total of 3 feet by Saturday night.

The tree limb that missed my car, because I moved it to shovel around it. Lucky me.

Other people in the hood were not so lucky. NO one hurt but so many trees down all over the road and trails.

Finally got the Girls out on Sunday morning to snowshoe. They ran as much as possible for about 20 minutes. Running and jumping all over the place... until they realized it was much easier to walk behind me in my tracks.

The snow had this crazy blue tint to it. Like an iceberg.

The snow was supposed to stop by Saturday night. Made for a good Sunday but had to cancel the Stove Prairie 200K on Saturday.